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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Celebrities Tattoos
As we all know decorating the skin with tattoo pictures is artificial beauty. Tattoo design came to fashion because of the celebrities. We can find more college students interested to decorate their Skin with tattoo ink as celebrities does, they copy Celebrities tattoo. Celebrities tattoos are meaningful. Not only ordinary people celebrities also want methods of tattoos removal.  Money doesn't matter to remove tattoo for them what matters is pain removing tattoo. Tattoo removal is more painful then tattoo art. Many people couldn't tolerate the pain while removing the tattoo. Angelina Jolie once had her second husband's name Billy Bob Thornton, on her arm but now she cover up with her four kid's birthplace map. Everyone wants to look beautiful / handsome but knowing the pain some doesn't use artificial way to look pretty. 
Do you believe? David Beckham the famous footballer has more than 10 tattoos on his body. He is on top on tattoo artwork. In his tattoos we can find religious symbols like angels and crucifixes. He has large beautiful crucifixes scene on his back. Victoria Beckham, wife of David Beckham has tattoo quotes on her back and the tattoo says "I am my beloved, my beloved is mine". Similarly we can find "Vivere momento" on Hayden Panettiere, arm side back which means "Live the moment". Brad Pitt has curved tattoo on his left hand down the elbow and lower back. Britney Spears once went a tattoo shop to design two tattoos, kiss on her wrist and cross on her hip, she couldn't bear the pain that she shouted aloud "oh my god this is so painful stop, stop, stop". Ja Rule get scripture tattooed on his chest in Kat Von D's TV Show, LA Ink, there's a video below. Kat Von D is a trademark given to Katherine von Drachenberg, a famous American tattoo artist, model and television personality who is well known as a tattoo artist on TLC Reality Television Show LA Ink. She has already gain so much popularity that so many celebrities sport a tattoo with her.
It is said that tattoo is the hottest fashion statement for celebrities and now its for all. There are thousands of people who prefer a celebrity tattoos to be sported on their body to give a fabulous look. Popularized by sailors and bikers, tattoos have become indispensable fashion accessories for rockers and rappers, whose professional responsibility it is to embody exotic, outlaw primitivism to the public. All kind of people get tattoos today. People who want or are to be perceived as "outsiders" decorate their bodies with skin art. Celebrities of all shorts have tattoos, often on highly visible parts of their bodies. Not all people's tattoos are visible some sport them on the part that will be covered by clothing this is because of unacceptable in their jobs or within their family.